Word of champions: Novi Sad Al Wahda about their World Tour win

Word of champions: Novi Sad Al Wahda about their World Tour win

“Do you know how to become a true champion? You go out into the court when it’s the hardest and you win.”

– quote of Nebojsa Glogovac from the movie “Sky Hook”


Result – 32:0, five Masters won, World Tour champion title won, World Cup champion title won, Europe Cup champion title won. You have to admit, if someone told you that Novi Sad Al Wahda will have these results at the end of the season, especially after such a bad start – you wouldn’t believe them. But they did believe that they can do it, and most importantly they invested hard work and talent and made it happened. In their own words, at Bloomage Beijing Final we saw their best game ever and with that win, they crowned the most successful season in their career. Here’s what they have to say about it…

Bulut: Anytime, any place, any conditions – because we are the best

At Bloomage Beijing Final, we saw 12 of the best teams in the world in a last battle under the hoop. The competition was fierce, and all team had to bring their A game to the court. One of the things about streetball is that you don’t stop to play because of the weather conditions. And in Beijing, the wind and cold weather was just another opponent for the players.

Dušan Domovic Bulut / Photo by FIBA 3x3

“Tournament by itself is a tough one, and the wind and cold weather made it even harder and there was some nervousness because no one felt comfortable. One thing you need to know about us – any time, any place, any conditions – we want to be the best. No matter if it’s a sunny beach, or rain, no matter if we are playing tournament under the bridge for 200 euros or we play WT finals, we have an answer for everything. Because we are the best.”

– Bulut

Maestro: There were no bad teams, but nothing could surprise us

For the opponents of Novi Sad, all chances for winning World Tour were gone with that wind in Beijing. They controlled every game and entirely dominated the tournament.

Dejan Majstorovic / Photo by FIBA 3x3


When we play the way we played in Beijing, there is no team that can beat us. In my opinion, only in the final, we had an equal battle. Even though we had an advantage, Riga kept coming back into the game and in the end, they even had a shot for the overtime. This was definitely the toughest tournament this season, and there were no bad teams. We had to enter every game with maximum focus and aggressive in defense because on this kind of a tournament if you relax just a little bit, you can easily lose the game. Every team that we faced is a quality team and against each one of them we have played several times throughout the season, we knew what we can expect and nothing could surprise us. We knew that in the final will be tough and uncertain and that one ball will decide the winner.”

– Maestro

Savic: We wanted to bring back the title to our property

Considering everything that they have won this year, and the fact that they even won World Tour twice, you have to wonder whether Novi Sad still has the motivation to win this tournament. Bigger motivation than any other team? Well, we got the answer last weekend, and just to you know – for them, motivation never runs dry.

Marko Savic / Photo by FIBA 3x3

“This was truly an impressive season for us and I have to say that, what we’ve done now – it’s hard that any other team will be able to achieve in near future. We had a great desire and strong motive, that after 2 years, to bring back the title of a World Tour champion into our property and with awesome playing in Beijing we managed to that. Regarding the water celebration, it is our tradition of rewarding the MVP and I hope that in the future there will be more liters of water spilled over our heads.” 🙂

 – Savic

Ivosev: We learned from our mistakes and perfected our game

We talked about the brotherhood in this team on several occasions. And it was that brotherhood that brought them to the best season in their career – results for the history books.

Tomislav Ivosev / Photo by FIBA 3x3

“We know what happened last year in the WT final and the beginning of the season wasn’t really good. We knew that we have to be absolutely focused from the first to the last minute if we want to win the tournament and remain undefeated – and to write the history of this sport! A big contribution to winning World Tour was the fact that on all previous Masters that we played, we learned from our mistakes and perfected our game, and in the final tournament we literally showed how it looks when players from one team respect each other and leave the last atom of strength on the court in order to win the tournament. I can quote Nebojsa Glogovac from the movie “Sky Hook” when he explains to his son: “Do you know how to become a true champion? You go out into the court when it’s the hardest and you win.” That is exactly what Novi Sad Al Wahda did. There were so many tough moments but WE ALL stood together and fought for this result. When I say that I mean Zdero, Centa, coaches Dacha and Duka and everybody else. I don’t want to make this a long statement because they’ll start joking with me that I talk a lot and who knows what else. But I know that Maestro surely won’t read this till the end because he can’t keep focus while he reads – 😂 – I’m joking. Greetings till our next tournament and domination.” 💪💪💪

– Ivosev

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