True support: Zdero and coach Dacha talk about the final World Tour tournament

True support: Zdero and coach Dacha talk about the final World Tour tournament

“One of the things that separate Novi Sad Al Wahda from other teams is the brotherhood that we have.”

– Marko Zdero

Team Novi Sad Al Wahda crowned its perfect season by winning the title at the final tournament of FIBA 3×3 World Tour 2018 and coming back to the throne since they are again No. 1 team in the world. The big addition to absolute domination of Bulut, Savic, Majstorovic and Ivosev on the court was the support and positive energy that Marko Zdero and Danilo Lukic a.k.a coach Dacha were giving them from the audience. Zdero even had an epic moment when he entered the court to celebrate with his teammates. Read what they have to say about that and what are their impressions from Bloomage Beijing Final.

When you win every single tournament that you are playing on, then there is no need to speak about how satisfied I am. There were mistakes, and there still will be mistakes because they are a part of the game, but we always try to cut them to the minimum number. I think the results that we achieved speak that we are doing a good job for now – said coach Dacha speaking about the incredible way Novi Sad played during the season.

Danilo Lukic a.k.a coach Dacha / Photo by FIBA 3x3

During this World Tour, Zdero shared the court with his teammates only at Saskatoon Masters, on all others he was supporting them usually from the audience. We asked him whether he is watching the games with more coolness now, and what advice he gave to his teammates, but he says that even when he is not on the court the adrenaline and emotions are crazy when Novi Sad is playing.

– Having in mind that throughout all these years I shared the court with them, there is no amount of experience that I could have so I can watch them playing with a cold head. The stakes at the tournament were high, but I can’t say we were under the pressure. Still, no matter about the previous excellent results, if we didn’t win this final tournament, well – it wouldn’t be devastating, but it would leave the bitter aftertaste. The team is playing excellent and we had the best season ever. Regarding the advice, they didn’t need them. I know how I felt when someone approaches me after the game and tells me something, no matter if it is good or bad, and I am aware of everything. What’s important is the support and energy, that is exactly what makes this team special – the fact that we complete each other – says Sub Zero.

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Just before they went to Beijing, we shared a video Chasing The Dog Tags in which you could see that there is a positive atmosphere in the team and that on the first place, guys are having a great time playing 3×3. The same was at the tournament.

To be able to achieve good results continuously, then you need – not good but an awesome atmosphere in the team. Obviously, in our team nothing is changing for five years  – says Dacha.

Marko Zdero a.k.a Sub Zero / Photo by FIBA 3x3

One of the things that Novi Sad Al Wahda is known for is crazy chemistry that they have on the court, the second thing is brotherhood – which for them is the code of street basketball.

That is something that separates this team from the others  – brotherhood. The sense of being part of something. In every moment, all people that are working with us are part of the team that made this dream come true. Guys were focused on the court, and we gave them the support, we sent them positive energy which is really important– says Zdero.

It seemed as if he and Dacha were just waiting for the final buzz so they can jump into the court and celebrate. It wouldn’t be the first time this year for them to do it. Nevertheless, Zdero did it with an acrobatic style.

– I knew that we are going to enter the court. From the very first game, I was waiting for that moment, and not even the fact that FIBA has forbidden that, couldn’t stop us. Somebody does it as a stuntman through the “wall” and someone is a bit smarter and enters the court through the passage – says Dacha.

And what Zdero has to say about that…

– Some emotions can’t be controlled and during the last minute of the game, I wasn’t even in the audience, I went down to the space between the stands and advertising banners. The girl from the organization stood there and tried to keep an eye on me because FIBA banned anyone from entering the court. But I just wanted the game to be over so I can get in there and share my happiness with my team – and I didn’t care about anything else. While I was trying to run away from the girl, I tripped over the banner and I entered the court the way I did. And, regarding Dacha’s funny answer, unlike him – I didn’t intend to kiss the girl in order to enter the court. But our coach doesn’t have the problem with such things – he did it, he kissed the girl and he entered the court – Sub Zero explains.

To be honest, nobody can remain calm after a game like this and an incredible success with 32 victories in a row – without a single defeat.

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