Five things you didn’t know about Tomislav Ivosev

Five things you didn’t know about Tomislav Ivosev

When he appeared this summer, for the first time in the jersey of Novi Sad Al Wahda, at the Prague Masters, Tomislav Ivosev a.k.a. Toma was a huge surprise for everyone. Well, not so much pleasant surprise for the opponents of Novi Sad. Toma is a new-old member of the team, he used to play for Novi Sad when they were starting their 3×3 career, but he left because of his professional career in 5×5 in Hungary. Now, when he is back – not only that he fit perfectly in Novi Sad but with his incredible skills he improved the game of the team with whom he won four out of their five Masters this year, and he also took the MVP title at Lausanne Masters. It is time that we get to know Ivosev a little bit better, he is revealing five not so known things about him.

1. His nickname is Toma gibanica

Explanation: Gibanica (gie-ba-ni-zza) is a traditional pastry dish popular in Serbia and Balkans.

I got a nickname Toma gibanica when I was a junior, from a guy named Zare who used to come to our basketball training. As it usually happens, everyone is joking at the expense of younger players, and that is how I got a nickname – Toma gibanica.” 😂

Novi Sad Al Wahda / Photo: FIBA 3x3

2. Don’t challenge him on a BBQ duel – he will win

“In my free time I love to make a barbecue or to cook meals in a pot, and sometimes I even roast something on a skewer.”

3. He likes being outside

“In general – I love to spend time outside.” 😂

4. He rides horses

“I love horse riding, and I use every opportunity that I get to be in a saddle. I am not a professional, but I am doing my best.”

Tomislav Ivosev - Novi Sad Al Wahda / Photo by Fiba 3x3

5. He speaks both – Serbian and Hungarian language…

“Bulut says that I speak the Hungarian language much better than Serbian, well I certainly speak better than him. “

Hmm, not sure what language they used to talk about that, but Bulut says that it is reversed – “Toma is speaking Serbian much better than he speaks Hungarian”. You know what, as long as these two guys understand each other perfectly on the court, we don’t care what language they speak better.

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