Five things you didn’t know about Marko Zdero

Five things you didn’t know about Marko Zdero

“Where is Zdero?” – this was the most common question amongst Novi Sad Al Wahda fans during this season. Marko Zdero a.k.a Sub Zero has built a reputation as one of the best defensive players in 3×3. With his team, he won Masters in Saskatoon and after that, he was cheering for his teammates from the audience. He joined his team back to the court on the Europe Cup to win the only title they were missing in their careers. Obviously, we are still going to watch him play, and in the meantime here are some fun facts about him that you probably didn’t know.

1. He was a fisherman

“I grew up on the Danube, and in my village Karadjordjevo I used to go fishing all the time. Besides that, I was also riding horses.” 

2. He played soccer

“I used to play soccer and I was so talented that after the first game they transferred me from the position of left back to be a goalkeeper.”

Marko Ždero / Photo by FIBA 3x3

3. He used to do folk dancing

Marko Zdero simply loves to be physically active and the list of sports that he used to practice is long. It was quite interesting for us that amongst so many things, he used to do folk dancing.

4. He worked in a mechanic department

“Before I started playing 3×3 professionally, I used to work in a department for engine oils and antifreeze. I was the shift manager for two guys named Gigi and Rada, who are on the same intellectual level as coach Dacha and Majstorovic.”  😀

5. Man of action

“In the last couple of years, I just love to spend time on the mountains where I ride a snowboard.”

Marko Ždero / Photo by FIBA 3x3

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