Five things you didn’t know about Marko Savic

Five things you didn’t know about Marko Savic

Marko Savic is one of the players who are never under the spotlight – and that’s unfair. But don’t you dare to underestimate him, because even though his moves are maybe not attractive as much as Bulut’s or Maestro’s, his contribution to Novi Sad Al Wahda’s success is equally huge. We don’t even have to look further than this season, just remember those nail-biting finals at Lausanne Masters. And it wasn’t the first time, nor it will be the last, that Savic scored winning points for his team. Besides, there is a reason why Kyle Montgomery a.k.a 3×3 The Voice calls him ” the Serbian surgeon”, and there is more to his nickname Savage, than the similarities with the way you pronounce his last name.

1. He wanted to train karate 

“When I was six years old I wanted to train karate, and on the day when my mom supposed to take me to my first karate lesson I fell off the tree and broke my arm. I was a really naughty kid, and after that, I never got to train karate.”

Marko Savic / Photo by FIBA 3x3

2. He collected NBA stickers and then he decided to play basketball 

“I started playing basketball together with my two classmates in the third grade of elementary school. We were collecting stickers for NBA Basketball 96 album and that inspired us, so we started to train basketball.”

3. His hobby are video games

“In my free time, I like to play video games.”

4. Superpower – resistant to chemicals?

“When I was a kid, two or three years old, I took out a bottle of hydrogen from the bag of my aunt and drank a few sips. My parents were amazed by the fact that nothing had happened to me.”

5. Not a fan of gummy bears

“I hate gummy bears.”

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