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Fitbit trackers as a prize for the winners of 3×3 Street League Novi Sad

Fitbit trackers as a prize for the winners of 3×3 Street League Novi Sad

The second season of the 3×3 Street League Novi Sad enter its finish phase. Until the end of the league, there are three more tournaments that will be played during August, while the finals are scheduled for the Saturday 1st September at Bulut Court. As a prize, the winners of the league in the senior and junior category will get Fitbit trackers which are one of the most popular fitness gadgets in the world. 

The league gathers amateur junior and senior teams who are playing 3×3 basketball, and this year the competition was very strong because in a few rounds guests were players from different countries. Serbian players had the opportunity to compete against players from Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands, Qatar and the Philippines.

3x3 Street League Novi Sad / Photo: Dusan Jocic
Foto: Dusan Jocic

The 8th round of the league will be played on Friday, August 10th at Bulut Court – you can sign up your team here. After that, there will be two more rounds on the 17th and 24th of August, while the finals will be played on September the 1st.

Since the league is not commercial there will be no money as a prize, but all participants in the final tournament will get some valuable prizes. All players in the final tournament will get Nike jerseys and Stay Hoops socks, while the winners of the league in both categories will get Fitbit fitness trackers that became the most selling fitness brand in the world in a very short period of time. Not to mention that they are the sponsors of Minnesota Timberwolves and since recently a “fitness ally” of team Novi Sad Al Wahda.

Foto: Dušan Jocić

We are talking about Fitbit Charger 2 and Fitbit Alta HR that are monitoring your heart rate, the number of steps you made and generally your physical activity, no matter if it is running, bike riding, yoga or anything else. They also provide all other statistical data that are useful to those who are physically active professionally or recreational, as you can easily track your progress. During the night Fitbit is tracking the duration of your sleep and phases of sleep, and we all know that quality sleep is necessary for good results. Fitbit is connected with your smartphone so you’ll get the notifications about calls and SMS even when your phone is not near you. Comtrade is the importer for Fitbit in Serbia.

3×3 Street League Novi Sad is a summer league organized by Dusan Domovic Bulut who in this way wants to promote 3×3 basketball and to give his city a quality tournament. More about the rules of the league you can read here.

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