Dusan Bulut: Nike KD 10 are the most comfortable sneakers I ever had

Dusan Bulut: Nike KD 10 are the most comfortable sneakers I ever had

The No.1 3×3 player in the world Dusan Domovic Bulut wore only one model of sneakers throughout this entire season – Nike KD 10. Turns out that these sneakers are perfectly adaptable to Bulut’s style of playing and that is why they are the choice of a 3×3 champion.

Nike KD 10 are sneakers that NBA star Kevin Durant and Nike presented in order to celebrate a decade since KD joined the Nike family. They are made in Flyknit that fits ridiculously good, oversize laces wrap the sides of your foot for lockdown when you need it and Zoom Air units offer additional comfort.

I had several KD models before this one, KD 10s are very comfortable sneakers and the price is ok. I have six different pairs because I like their design a lot, and as I said, they are very comfortable – they are so far the best sneakers for me. I like the Zoom Air cushioning, the only flaw is that it bursts fast, but I change the direction of movement on the court a lot and shift weight from one foot to another so I like soft sole and this shoe is perfect. I should also mention that I am a fan of Kevin Durant – Bulut says. 

Even the Golden State Warriors star, Kevin Durant said that these sneakers are so comfortable that when he put them for the first time – he felt like he already played in them before.

Exactly that. I had the same feeling – like I’ve already worn them. One time, I put on a pair of brand new KD 10s and went on a treadmill and ran 2,5km, I didn’t have any problems. Usually, you need to wear sneakers a couple of times before they adapt to your foot – Bulut explains.

Mr. Bullutproof likes this model so much that he even has one unique pair that has a special drawing for him.

Dusan wore Nike KD 10s on all five Masters of FIBA 3×3 World Tour 2018 that he won with his team Novi Sad Al Wahda, he also played in them during the World and Europe Cup when he took the champion titles. And yes, they will be his choice at Bloomage Beijing Final on October 27. and 28.

I wear KD 10s on the court, I have them in five different colors. If I wear the same model I like to change the color of the sneakers. Outside of the court, I wear completely different shoes – says Dusan.

Cover photo by Igor Djokic

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