Danilo Lukic: Being a basketball coach is not a job, it is a lifestyle

Danilo Lukic: Being a basketball coach is not a job, it is a lifestyle

He has been a coach for nine years now, and in the world of the 3×3 he entered in 2014 and he liked it so much that he graduated with a subject “3×3 Basketball” on the Faculty of sport and physical education at University of Belgrade with the highest mark. Danilo Lukic aka coach Dacha is one of the coaches of team Novi Sad Al Wahda, he is also a coach of men and women 3×3 Serbia national teams, and a coach of U18 men national team.

Lukic is born in Banovci as same as the No. 1 player in the world Dejan Majstorovic and it was Maestro who called him in 2014 to come and coach him and team Novi Sad Al Wahda.

 It was a great challenge for me as a coach, and after their good games we continued our cooperation and I started to love this sport – says coach Dacha.

A step forward in his coaching career happened last year when he moved from Banovci to Novi Sad so he could train more with the team.

Banovci² 😀🏆🏅

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 One of the characteristics of the 3×3 is there are no coaches and the whole organization of the game is on the players. However, when you play on the professional level like Novi Sad Al Wahda who dominates the 3×3 world for seven years now, the help of the coaches is necessary. Besides Lukic, with the No.1 team in the world also works a coach of individual technique Dusan Ignjatov, we wrote about him earlier – if you missed the interview – read it here, as well as strength and conditioning coaches Fedja Kamasi and Ranko Dabovic. Danilo explained what is his job in this team. 

Since I am the one who spends most of the time with the team my job has several segments, from physical preparations and organization of training to tactics of 3×3 playing, sometimes I also have the role of a physiotherapist – he says. 

Besides basic basketball elements that are pretty much the same in 5×5 and 3×3, coach Dacha with Bulut, Majstorovic, Savic and Zdero also practice elements that are specific only for the 3×3.

– We try to do such exercises and training that are close to the situations that could happen during the game, from the aspect of movement on the court, and from the aspect of energy consumption. These guys know 3×3 the best because they are pioneers of that game and they usually create tactics by themselves, which so far proved to be the right thing to do – Danilo explains.  

Bulut Hoops camp in Novi Sad / Photo: Aleksandar Kamasi
Coach Dacha with participants of Bulut Hoops camp in Novi Sad / Photo: Aleksandar Kamasi

He thinks that being a coach is not really of a job, but rather a call. When you want something as much as the players you are working with, and you all work very hard – good results are always within reach. And when they come, nothing is hard anymore and everything is just stimulating you to work more.

– I have to say, even though I am working almost five years now with team Novi Sad, I don’t think it’s a job, I see it as a lifestyle. The desire I have that we all go to the Olympics and bring back the gold medal makes all hard things less hard. Of course, the hardest part is spending hours and hours on the court every single day, but when the results come, everything that was hard is now easier – Lukic says.

You can also see coach Dacha as a 3×3 player. With his team Lakers last year he won 3×3 Street League Novi Sad – a summer tournament that is organized by Bulut on Bulut Court in his hometown Novi Sad.

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From time to time he also speaks about 3×3 basketball at seminars around Europe, alongside Dusan Bulut and coach Dusan Ignjatov he works on Bulut Hoops 3×3 training camps. Since the beginning of the year, there were three such camps – in Jordan, in Novi Sad and in Amsterdam.

– The organization of Bulut Hoops camps was a great idea because the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of the 3×3 through training and exercises, that’s where coach Ignjatov and I helped them the most. They also learned a lot about the organizing their own time outside the camp and through the tournaments they played. The 3×3 brings with it a self-initiative and I can freely say that it gives much more freedom to players, because the coach does not exist, especially on the court. That is where this camp helped and will help in the future those who want to become 3×3 players – says coach Dacha.

Bulut Hoops Novi Sad 2018

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From Bulut and his coaches Dacha and Duka you can learn a lot about 3×3, so make sure to know when and where the next Bulut Hoops camp will be held.

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