Bulut Hoops camp is coming to Bucharest

Bulut Hoops camp is coming to Bucharest

The next edition of Bulut Hoops camp will be held in Bucharest from 7. to 11. September. The organizer of the event, Sport Arena Streetball is expecting around 150 participants, making this the biggest edition of the camp so far. Bulut Hoops is a training camp of the best 3×3 player in the world Dusan Domovic Bulut who is teaching young players to his methods of training and thinking.

After Jordan, Serbia and the Netherlands, 3×3 PRO training camp, Bulut Hoops is coming to Romania this week. This camp caught a lot of attention which is not surprising if you have in mind Bulut’s popularity in Bucharest, but also the fact that Romania is doing excellent work in promoting 3×3 and constantly rising the popularity of the sport.

Dusan has a lot of fans in Romania, since he started his road to stardom from Bucharest, back in 2012, when he and his team finished third in the Bucharest Challenger. As now he is considered the most exponential 3×3 basketball player for sure he will be the icon that many young basketball players are looking at and want to follow in his footsteps. The kids are just waiting to be around him and to learn from him, not only basketball-wise but also some insights regarding mental preparation and condition training. We count on 150 participants. We are in contact also with several basketball schools that are also interested to register their kids but also to bring in some coaches to be part of the action. The camp is organized as part of a CSR project supported by Kaufland Romaniasays Adrian Popa from Sport Arena Streetball.

During these 5 days, Bulut alongside his coaches Dusan Ignjatov and Danilo Lukic, will teach young 3×3 players to methods of training that he practices with his team Novi Sad Al Wahda and that are unique for the 3×3.

Check out how was at Bulut Hoops camp in Amsterdam…

This camp is for everyone who wants to be a professional in this Olympic sport, and it is usually organized in countries that are making efforts in promoting street basketball. Sport Arena Streetball has done a huge job in promoting 3×3, not just in Romania but worldwide, because they have organized so many tournaments since 2005.

As we have discussed many times as Dusan is a pioneer in 3×3 basketball, because he sensed the opportunities and basically transformed that status of the 3×3 players and offered examples to all the other players, also we are pioneers in organizing 3×3 events, and without hiding behind false modesty, we have offered examples and set standards in the organization of 3×3 events. We hope that this partnership will not be a one-time hit and that the camp will develop in the years to come, because, we think that together with Dusan we really took 3×3 basketball from the streets to the Olympics – says Popa.

In support of their claim is the fact that they organized one of the biggest tournament in 3×3 history in 2013. The tournament had 311 teams and some basketball legends such as Vlade Divac, Jorge Garbajosa and Sarunas Marciulionis took participation. The event was showcased to IOC members and was the turning point for 3×3 basketball in its quest to become an Olympic sport.

The 3×3 became very popular after the Sport Arena Streetball started to organize events, back in 2005. Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Challenger, our yearly international event, has a history of 7 editions and this year, for the first time ever, also a professional women tournament was organized, that attracted stars like Emilie Gomis from France, Olympic silver medalist and European champion in 5on5. The Sport Arena Streetball Tour had 15 stops in 2018 and it is becoming a landmark for the 3×3 basketball players, not only from Romania but also from Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Greece and more. We have organized two FIBA 3×3 World Tour Finals in Abu Dhabi in 2015 and 2016. This year we’ll be organizing FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup for the third time – says Adrian Popa.

Sport Arena Streetball po treći put organizuje FIBA 3x3 Evropski kup
Sport Arena Streetball is organizing FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup for the third time

Europe cup will be held from 14. to 16. September in Bucharest and the national team of Serbia led by Bulut will try to win the only medal that they miss in their impressive collection of medals.

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