Bulut Hoops camp in Jordan successfully completed

Bulut Hoops camp in Jordan successfully completed

The first Bulut Hoops camp in 2018 was held in Amman, the capital of Jordan from April 12 to April 14, and during these three days, around 50 children learned 3×3 tricks and tips from Dusan Domovic Bulut and his coaches Dusan Ignjatov and Danilo Lukic.

Coaches Dusan Ignjatov and Danilo Lukic shared with us impressions about how everything went and how much children in Jordan love 3×3.

Bulut i Lukić sa učesnicima Bulut Hoops kampa u Jordanu
Bulut and Lukic with children at Bulut Hoops camp in Jordan

There were around 50 boys and girls who were divided into two age categories. We did some new exercises with them and showed them a different approach to 3×3 training, so it was the pleasant and working atmosphere – says Lukic.

The plan and program of the camp included the same training methods used by team Novi Sad Al Wahda.

Dušan Ignjatov na treningu sa učesnicima Bulut Hoops kampa
Dusan Ignjatov with participants of Bulut Hoops camp

– We have carefully prepared the program for the camp for months, but of course, you never know the level of knowledge that participants have, so you always have to be prepared to adapt and change some things. It was the same in Amman, but we gave the best of ourselves to teach them everything. There were children who are very interested in 3×3 with a lot of potentials – says Dusan Ignjatov.

According to Danilo, socializing and playing against Bulut was the most interesting part of training activities in Jordan, and even Bulut does not hide that this segment is one of his favorites.

We returned with a lot of nice memories and impressions because our hosts took us to visit some of the numerous sights of this country – says Lukic.

They have visited the famous Dead Sea, the Jordan River, and the lost city of Petra – you will read more about this sightseeing in some other articles.

Nevertheless, the children who participated in the camp left the biggest impression.

There was that nine-year-old girl who has a great potential for this sport. She is also the youngest participant in the camp, she was so polite and thanked us after the training and she even drew hearts on the paper as a present for us. Also, there was a 12-year-old boy who is the most talented participant of the camp in my opinion. Very big impression on me left the boy who did not take part in the camp, he doesn’t even play basketball. But after the training, he approached me and asked me how he can learn to throw. I told him that he can play basketball, we took a picture for the memory and we also connected through social networks – says Ignjatov.

Dušan Ignjatov sa decom koja su na njega ostavila najveći utisak
Ignjatov with children that left the biggest impression on him

Check out some videos from Bulut Hoops camp in Jordan.

Day 1

Day 2

Check out Bulut’s Instagram and Facebook page for more photos.

Next Bulut Hoops camp will be held in Novi Sad from 2nd to 9th July, and everything you need to know about that is right HERE.

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