Bloomage Beijing Final: Can Novi Sad Al Wahda make it 32:0?

Bloomage Beijing Final: Can Novi Sad Al Wahda make it 32:0?

After nine exciting Masters, FIBA 3×3 World Tour is coming to an end, the final tournament will be held on 27. and 28. October in Beijing, where top 12 teams in the world will have their final clash under the hoop. Amongst finalists of World Tour are three teams from Serbia – Novi Sad Al Wahda the unbeatable team on WT, Liman Tesla Voda No. 1 on FIBA 3×3 rankings and Zemun – the reigning champion.

In case you didn’t follow the World Tour, here’s what happened. Novi Sad Al Wahda has a winning streak of 27 victories and 0 defeats. They won all five Masters that they competed in. If you add the titles of European and World Champions that they also won this year, it’s not hard to conclude that this is their best season so far. Winning the World Tour finals will be a cherry on the top. To answer the question from the headline – they think they can.

Recap of the season: The greatest successes of Novi Sad

Liman also had a great season, they won three out of eight Masters they competed in. Interestingly enough Novi Sad didn’t play on those three Masters that Liman won. And Liman was defeated by Novi Sad in the finals in Saskatoon, Lausanne and Hyderabad. The reigning champion Zemun did not have a good season, because of injuries of Bogdan Dragovic and Marko Dugosija. But if we learned anything it’s that in 3×3 – everything is possible, and we have no doubts that Zemun will be really motivated to defend the title.

We should not underestimate other finalists – Riga, Amsterdam Inoxdeals, Piran, Ljubljana, Gagarin, Saskatoon, Humpolec, Princeton and Delhi. One thing is sure – it is going to be super exciting.

Recently, Bulut, Savic, Majstorovic, Zdero, Ivosev and their coach Dacha gathered to play UNO cards and chat about the recent season. But, if you don’t understand the Serbian language this video is useless – for now. We are working on English subtitles that will be added soon.

As always, the final tournament will be streamed live and you can watch the games on FIBA 3×3 YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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