A detailed program of Bulut Hoops camp in Novi Sad

A detailed program of Bulut Hoops camp in Novi Sad

Bulut Hoops training camp in Novi Sad will be held from 2nd till 9th of July on Bulut Court and will enable young 3×3 players to learn some tips and tricks from multiple world champion of this sport Dusan Domovic Bulut and group of his personal coaches.

Bulut and his coaches will teach kids to the identical methods of training that he practices with his team Novi Sad Al Wahda, which are specific for 3×3. During those seven days, training will be held in the morning and afternoon in groups, while nights will be reserved for games, contests and hanging out.

Streetball is not just a training, but also a free spirit, creativity, initiative and individuality. Contrary to basketball camps we won’t try to kill those characteristics but rather to accelerate and develop them further, as well as other skills and abilities that are required on the court. After the camp participants will be more ready to deal with all the challenges on and off the court – says Bulut.

Participation in the camp can take children that are 14 years old or older, the biggest priority are young people who want to become professionals in this sport, future participants in the World Series. Bulut and his team will be focused on individual work in small groups in order to pay attention to every participant, that is why the number of participants in Novi Sad is limited to 64.

Beside Novi Sad, Bulut Hoops training camps will be held in Amman in Jordan (12-14 April), in Amsterdam in Netherlands (17-19 July) and in Bucharest in Romania (7-9 September). More info about the training camp and the entry fee you can get via email buluthoops@gmail.com.

Check out detailed program for Bulut Hoops camp in Novi Sad

Day 1

Shooting Fundamental & Drills
Footwork Shooting Drill: “European Form Shooting”

– Phase 1: 1 – 2 Step
– Phase 2: Hop Step
– Phase 3: Staggered 1 – 2 Step
– Phase 4: Staggered Hop Step

Defensive Principles & Defensive Drills

1. Stance, Ballance & Step Slide
2. Slide & Run Drill
3. Close out on Defense
4. Tips, Skills, & Drills: Rebounding

1:1 play – the fundamental (defense & offense)

Day 2

Dribbling Drills – Ball handling & dribbling:

– Static with one & two balls
– In the movement with one & two balls

*Variations: In & Out move, The Crossover move, The Spin move,
Behind the Back move, Between the Legs (variations), “Shake & Bake” (Jamal Crawford), The Crossover & The Shammgod by Bulut.

*Also the Combination of 2, 3 or 4 moves.

“The Fast Hands” Drill & The mix of all Moves around the barriers with Lay Up Finishing.

– Cooperation of Two Players (defense & offense)
– Pick & Roll (the fundamentals)

Day 3

Passing & Receving

– Passing in pairs (Static & In The Move)
– The Passing exercise in 4 squard columns

Passing & Shooting variations (without & with defender)

– Give & Go Drill
– The Back Door Drill

Tips, Skills & Drills 3:3

– Attention on spacening in defence & offence
– Pick & Roll plus Help Side
– The Team work

Day 4

The Pivoting Fundamental & Drills

– The best ways of using the pivoting & pivoting drills
– Jump Stop & Pivot (full pivotential)
– 1 – 2 Stop (in two contacts) & pivoting

Low Post moves

– Create a space & offansive variations

Drop Step & 2 – Hands power dribble

– The Spin Move: (Hakem Olayuwon & Pau Gasol – Signature Move)
– The Jump Hook & The Sky Hook

Mid Post & High Post moves drills…

Day 5

The Summary of the past 4 days:

– Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Pivoting…
– Step Back Shooting, Floater Shooting & Finising Variations
– Setting & Using The Screen
– Team Defensive Concepts & Team Offensive Concepts

Day 6 & Day 7

Scrimmage Game & Competition


Photo by Aleksandar Kamasi

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