3×3 with Dusan Domovic Bulut – Birthday edition

3×3 with Dusan Domovic Bulut – Birthday edition

“3×3 was my opportunity to show how much I worth.”

On this day 33 years ago, Dusan Domovic Bulut was born. In seven years on the pro circuit, Mr. Bullutproof became the 3×3 GOAT, the leader of the most dominant team and the most successful national team in the history of this sport. You just can not remain indifferent to all skills he shows on the court, and everything that he does off the court in order to promote his favorite sport also deserves respect. In this 3×3 questionnaire, Bulut answers some questions regarding streetball, lifestyle and in the last segment, we played word association game.


1. Why 3×3?

Streetball was always present during my growing up and somehow there was that immensely, mutual attraction. I’ve always identified myself with those underdog stories, because nobody ever put me in the forefront, nor have I been given anything in my life on a plate. 3×3 basketball was my opportunity to show how much I worth.

2. What part of this game do you like the most?

Speed and dynamics. Under that pressure, players who are not prepared make mistakes, and I play even better.

3. What did 3×3 teach you, and how did it affect your personality?

Freedom, creativity, standing out from the crowd … these are the things in which we are the most similar.  


1. Name 3 favorite courts for playing 3×3?

1. Bulut court – I’ve always dreamed to have my own court, that is the place where the best 3×3 in the world is played. 
2. Djacko playground – The court on which I spent most of my time playing 3×3.
3. Schoolyard “Jovan Popovic” – The court on which the beginnings of the real streetball happened for me, where I tested my will and character with constant training, the place where I met my best friends and spent my childhood. The place from which cops have thrown us out.

2. Name 3 favorite sneakers for 3×3?

1. Nike KD 10 – the most comfortable sneakers I ever had.
2. Nike Blazer made of red leather, I saw one guy wearing those sneakers and I wanted to be like him. He is anonymous, people used to call him Frenchman. After I saw him in those shoes, I wanted to become a pro basketball player and buy myself that sneakers. I can’t wait to find them somewhere. 
3. Nike SB Dunk line – the only sneakers I used to wear on and off the court.

3. Name 3 songs that inspire you for action on the court?

I do not have favorite songs, it all depends on the moment, but I was influenced by musicians like RHCP who are my favorite band, Jay Z – personal mentor and inspiration and Parkway Drive – the band that made the movie “Home is for the Heartless” and inspired the way of life. 

Dušan Domović Bulut / Photo by FIBA 3x3

Word association game

1. When we say: street, brotherhood and attitude – what comes to your mind?

1. Street – a way of growing up.
2. Brotherhood – you know that you always have someone on whom you can rely on and share everything.
3. Attitude – What you are and what you represent.

Happy birthday, champ!

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