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3X3 Street League Novi Sad – season 2 is starting!

3X3 Street League Novi Sad – season 2 is starting!

The second season of 3×3 Street League Novi Sad will start on Saturday 23. June when will be held the first tournament on the Bulut Court in Novi Sad. This league will have 10 rounds, which means that it will be played throughout next 10 weeks and the finals are scheduled for 1. September. League has two categories: seniors and juniors U18, you can sign up your team here

3×3 Street League Novi Sad is a streetball tournament organized by four-times 3×3 world champion Dusan Domovic Bulut in order to promote this Olympic sport and to give his home city a world-class tournament. The first edition of this tournament was played in 2017 on the newly built Bulut Court, and the winners were team Lejkersi amongst seniors and team Đačko in juniors.

This year, all tournaments will be held on Fridays, except the opening which is this Saturday and the finals on 1. September. Entry fee is 1.600 RSD for seniors and 1.200 for juniors. This is not a commercial league so there will not be money prize, but all teams in the finals will be equipped with NIKE jerseys and Stay Hoops socks, while the best teams will get additional presents.

The goal of the league is to glorify and promote street culture and streetball community. Streetball is a game of Novi Sad and it’s up to us to show that. Also, the goal of the league is to point out some teams from the category of senior and junior who could compete at a higher level in the future. We want to stimulate them and show them how the tournaments look on the global level through this event, so they have the opportunity to compete and practice through these 10 tournaments – said Bulut.

Follow the league on Instagram: @3x3streetleague #3x3NS

3x3 Street League Novi Sad


  • Players and teams can play multiple categories (seniors can’t play for juniors).
  • Players can change teams during the season.
  • The player has to play at least three tournaments to play at the final tournament.
  • The team consists of 3 + 1 player on the tournament + 2 shifts during the season.
  • The teams play 4 games per tournament (which means that one win in the tournament is enough to qualify for the final tournament if they play all 10 tournaments).
  • The teams are divided into groups of five teams. The system of playing: each team plays with every team from the group, which means that every team plays 4 games.
  • In case there are more teams, more groups will be made, in case there is a smaller number of teams additional round will be played.
  • After the 10th round, Top 6 teams will be playing in the finals.
  • Scoring: 20 points for victory; 5 points for the defeat.
  • FIBA 3 × 3 rules apply.
  • For seniors in the Amateur category will not be measured 12 seconds for the attack, but the referee will remind them to delay the game and may take possession of the ball.
  • Rough play and hand checking are permitted.
  • Teams pay for each tournament (total of 10 tournaments).
  • The team does not have to play each tournament.
  • If the team signs for the tournament and does not appear and has not previously canceled participation, it will be punished with disqualification.

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